Pinning Live Tile Stock Quotes to the Start Page using the Finance App


I’m having a great time learning about the Windows 8 Operating System.  I’ve been trying to get a better hang of using the Start Screen and its Apps.  One App that I use often is the Finance App by Microsoft to monitor news and stocks of companies that I’m interested in.  It turns out that it is possible to place a Live Tile of a stock symbol on the Start Page.  Here are the steps to do so.  It’s actually pretty simple.

Step 1) Start the Finance App

Step 2) With your mouse, right click on the Stock symbol you want to pin to the Start page


Step 3) left-click the Pin to Start button


Optional Step 3.5) Enter a label in the box provided


Step 4) Left-click the Pin to Start blue button

Step 5) Check your Start page.  There should now be a new Live Tile of a stock symbol added somewhere at the far right of your Start page.  It should be actively updating.


There are some improvements that I think could be made to the Finance App.

1. A maximum of 10 Tiles can be pinned to the Start page.  It would be great if more can be pinned, say 15 or 25.

2. If a stock price falls below the day’s starting price, having the tile turn red would make it easier to see that the price fell.  Currently, the tile is green whether the price fell or rose above the day’s starting price.

Overall, though, I think it’s a great app.  The layout of the full screen view of charts, news, and related information, is  visually appealing.  The information presented and how it is presented is exactly what I’d want to see.

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