Shutdown, Restart, Sleep, Switch user, or Sign out using Desktop Alt+F4

With Windows 8, because it’s a new Operating System, there are many new things to discover.  One of the things I recently found out was that there is a way to easily Shut down from Desktop mode using the Alt+F4 key combination.  Using this method, it is also possible to Restart, Sleep, Switch users, or Sign out.

This method is particularly handy if you like to use keyboard shortcuts often or you prefer to stay in Desktop mode most of the time.  Here are the steps and screenshots of each step.

1) Pressing the Alt+F4 keys together causes a pop-up window to appear

Screenshot (8)


2) Left-clicking on the drop-down list presents you with additional options other than shutting down the computer.

Screenshot (9)

You have a choice to Switch users, sign out, put the computer on sleep mode, shut down, or restart.

That’s all there is to it.  Good luck and I hope you find this helpful.

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