Remote Desktop Connection is the answer

One of the biggest hurdles I have about getting a new Windows 8 touch laptop has just been overcome.

I have a home desktop computer that I upgraded from Windows 7 Ultimate to Windows 8 Pro.  As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, I love Windows 8 on my desktop even though I don’t have a touch screen.  I use Windows 8 using a keyboard and a mouse – the traditional method.

Since Windows 8 was also designed for a touch interface, I’ve been dying to get a touch laptop of my own.  I want to experience Windows 8 in its entirety.  I bought my wife an HP Envy TouchSmart 14t-1100 as soon as Windows 8 was released on Oct. 26, 2012.  I’ve used it and it’s a great computer.  I especially like that it’s a 14-inch screen and that it is an all-metal design.  I also found that its great having a choice between using a mouse, keyboard, or fingers to interact with the computer.  But, now, I want to have one of my own.

Currently, the laptop I use is provided to me from my work and it runs Windows 7.  The company that I work for isn’t ready to support Windows 8 yet.  My work laptop has all the key Microsoft applications that I need – Lync, Outlook, Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.  The problem is, I can’t afford all that software if I bought my own laptop.  Since it would be my own laptop, my company’s IT will not support it nor will they buy the Microsoft Office suite for it.  So, why buy a new laptop if I won’t be using it as much as my work laptop?  It seemed like such a waste of money if I used a new laptop half of the time to do personal things then have to switch over to my work laptop to get work done.  I just want one portable computer to do both and I don’t want to carry two computers between home and work.

It was a big dilemma for me – wanting to play with new technology and be able to use it for work, that is, until I spoke to one of our IT gurus.


Remote Desktop Connection is the answer.

Here is how Remote Desktop would work for me.  If I leave my work laptop at my cubicle, I will be able to remotely control that laptop from the shiny new touch laptop.  If I’m outside of my work, I’ll connect to the corporate network using VPN, then remotely connect to my work laptop.  If I’m inside my corporate network, I can connect directly without VPN.  So, not only will I be able to connect to my work laptop from anywhere, I’ll also be able to use those same Microsoft applications that are physically on my work laptop.  I save money and get to play with new technology – hoorah!

Here is a screen shot of the Remote Desktop application on Windows 8.


I’ve erased the name of the computer that I would remotely connect to and my user name for obvious reasons.  To start the Remote Desktop Connection application, simply type the words Remote Desktop on the Windows 8 Start Screen.

Now, to get the Computer name of the computer you will connect to, simply type “computer name” on the Windows 8 Start Screen or in Windows 7,  Search programs and files when you left-click on the Start button.  Enter the computer name and user name on the Remote Desktop application and left-click on the Connect button.


It will take several seconds.  The following window pops up for me.


Simply left-click on the Yes button and in a few more seconds, if the computer name, user name, and password are correct, you’ll be remotely controlling the target computer in the same way you would as if you were on that computer.

I just love technology.  Don’t you?


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