How to fix Error Updating Shortcut when changing Windows PowerShell Properties

I was running Windows PowerShell, not as administrator, and I didn’t like the window’s layout – it was too tall for my screen.  I decided I wanted to change the layout every time I started PowerShell.  I changed the layout using the Properties pop-up window and after I left-click the OK button, I got the following error message:

Error Updating Shortcut

Unable to modify the shortcut:


Check to make sure it has not been deleted or renamed.

The error message contained in the pop-up window would look like this:


This error happened because PowerShell was run not as administrator and when I changed PowerShell Properties, it was trying to ensure that my changes stick the next time I wanted to run PowerShell again. 

The solution to this problem is to simply run PowerShell as administrator and change the PowerShell Properties.  If done properly, the next time I run PowerShell not as administrator, it will run with your new settings.

The steps below detail how it is done.

1. Run PowerShell as administrator

In your Start Screen, type the word “powershell”.  Windows 8 will look for the program and the results should look like the image below.  The green boxes highlight key items of doing the search.  Note that the word Apps on the right of the screen is highlighted.


Right-click on Windows PowerShell and, in the pop-up bar on the bottom of your screen, left-click Run as administrator.  Please see the two green boxes in the image below.


The Windows PowerShell window should pop-up in the desktop.  The title of the windows should read “Administrator: Windows PowerShell”.


2. Change the Properties

Right-click on the windows title, then left-click on Properties.


There are a variety of settings you can change.  Once you are done, left-click on the OK button.


Now, if you run Windows PowerShell again, not as administrator, it will run with your new settings.


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