The nice thing about using the Surface Pro as a desktop computer…

.. it is really quiet

That’s because my regular desktop computer has a lot of fans inside that are cooling the chasis, CPU, power supply, graphics card, etc.  Now, if I just use the Surface Pro, I can hear a pin drop.

My Surface Pro has become my go-to computer.  My daily driver.  The  computer I use for nearly everything I need to do.

I use it as a desktop computer.  The Surface pro is connected to my full-size keyboard and mouse via the USB port.  The DisplayPort is connected to my 24” monitor.  The Surface Pro just sits on top of my desk, lying on its Type Cover quietly working away.

I use it as a laptop.  When I need to be away from my desk, I bring the Surface Pro with me.  Kitchen, living room, bedroom, conference room, bookstore,.. the portability can’t be beat.  I’m on the hunt though for the perfect bag to carry it in.

I use it as a tablet computer.  If I just want to skim through news, check my stocks, or read an ebook, the Surface Pro fits the bill just nicely.

I use it as a notebook.  Instead of having a paper notebook, I jot down sketches, diagrams, notes using the stylus.  It comes really handy especially with OneNote.

The Surface Pro can’t be beat.  And.. it is really quiet. Smile.


One Response to The nice thing about using the Surface Pro as a desktop computer…

  1. I have the Surface RT and agree with you, I too find myself using my Surface RT for nearly everything. While my computer rig cost me a ton of cash, I still prefer using my RT.
    When Microsoft comes out with an updated RT (aka, dump NVidia!) I will replace my existing one in asap.

    Example: flying from San Francisco to Dublin, Ireland with one 2 hourMlayovermin Philly I still had 7% Left on my Surfaces charge.

    What did I use it for? 3hrs of internet, 3 Hollywood movies, two episodes then most current season.

    Once I arrived in my destination, the only way I could rent pr buy more movies wS by tethering my Surface RT with my Lumia 920.

    Once the purchased were made I then connected to the hotel’s free WiFi!

    Disclosure: I am not independently wealthy and I choose my tech purchased very carefully, while I do mostly purchase Microsoft equipment I can now buy MS again knowing their hardware and software are the best.

    I was even able to schedule, record, search all my recordings from Media Center with Ceton’s My Media Center and everything else via SkyDrive.

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