A fix for OneDrive not syncing

Every now and then I see that OneDrive/SkyDrive on my computer doesn’t sync with the cloud.  I find that it usually happens when I go back and forth between a network that has disabled OneDrive (i.e., my work for security reasons) and my home.  I think that when I’m at work, the OneDrive/SkyDrive software keeps trying to sync and ends up getting confused in one way or the other.

I’ve found the solution to this problem.  If you click on this link , it will download and run software that fixes the problem.  When it runs, it could take up to 10-15 minutes to completely fix the problem.

This link was sourced from a Microsoft site found here.  So, if you don’t trust this blog’s download, you can always grab the one from Microsoft.  It is from step 6 of the Answer.

Good luck and have a good day!