Titanfall Tips


Its been a long time since I’ve played First Person Shooters and I’ve been playing the production release of Titanfall since it came out on March 11, 2014.  The game is definitely fast-paced and the graphics are enjoyable to watch. 

When I first started to play the game, I was averaging 0 kills most of the time especially when I played Attrition.  Talk about frustrating!  Now, I currently average between 2-4 kills per match.

Most of the time, I play Hardpoint.  I find it more enjoyable since there is a goal I can work toward besides just killing the enemy.  I’m nowhere near being a good player yet, so I’m using NVidia’s ShadowPlay to help me improve my game.  ShadowPlay is used to record the game from beginning to end so that I can watch the replay afterwards. 

Here are my notes after studying my replays.  I’ll continue to update this page as I play more. 

Things to practice

    1. Jump and spin around to see who is shooting at you
    2. Use the “Q” key to camouflage as often as possible especially when entering into another room through the windows or doors.
    3. As soon as you see someone, shoot!  Don’t wait to recognize whether it’s a teammate or enemy.
    4. Reload while running.  I’ve gotten killed several times while I was standing still reloading.
    5. If you are a Pilot and a Titan sees you, just get out of there.  Don’t go head-to-head against a Titan if you are a Pilot.
    6. Don’t reload while in a firefight.  I got caught up in the heat of a battle that I run out of bullets and I’m reloading in the middle of a fight.
    7. Learn to keep moving while shooting the enemy

    Hardpoint tips

  1. Don’t reload at a Hardpoint.  Switch to Secondary weapon after using Primary weapon.  In this way, you won’t be caught off guard when the enemy pops into view
  2. Don’t be out in the open on the ground especially if there are enemy Titans nearby
  3. Although I hate campers, defending a Hardpoint could potentially increase your kill count
  4. Arcmines are great for defending a Hardpoint