With the Surface Pro, its easy to scribble notes on Office365 PowerPoint slides

I was attending a meeting today that involved using PowerPoint slides.  I have Office365 Home Premium installed on my Surface Pro and Office365 PowerPoint is backward compatible to previous versions of PowerPoint.  So, the presenter sent me his slides prior to the meeting so that each attendee could review the presentation.

While I was reviewing the slides, I found an amazing new feature that I feel needs to be shared with everyone.  With the Surface Pro and stylus I can mark up the slides directly.  I can scribble notes and questions on the slides simply by writing on the slides with the Surface Pro stylus.  I found this incredible because doing this is more natural to me then typing notes in the Notes section of a slide set.

Here are some screenshots..

Here is a snapshot of PowerPoint with a random slide that uses one of the templates..


If I move my stylus close to the application, a tab appears called “PENS”


Selecting this tab, reveals several ink/pen options..


And viola!  I can write directly on the slides!


The future is here!

I’ll keep looking for other applications that support the stylus and keep you all posted.