The nice thing about using the Surface Pro as a desktop computer…

.. it is really quiet

That’s because my regular desktop computer has a lot of fans inside that are cooling the chasis, CPU, power supply, graphics card, etc.  Now, if I just use the Surface Pro, I can hear a pin drop.

My Surface Pro has become my go-to computer.  My daily driver.  The  computer I use for nearly everything I need to do.

I use it as a desktop computer.  The Surface pro is connected to my full-size keyboard and mouse via the USB port.  The DisplayPort is connected to my 24” monitor.  The Surface Pro just sits on top of my desk, lying on its Type Cover quietly working away.

I use it as a laptop.  When I need to be away from my desk, I bring the Surface Pro with me.  Kitchen, living room, bedroom, conference room, bookstore,.. the portability can’t be beat.  I’m on the hunt though for the perfect bag to carry it in.

I use it as a tablet computer.  If I just want to skim through news, check my stocks, or read an ebook, the Surface Pro fits the bill just nicely.

I use it as a notebook.  Instead of having a paper notebook, I jot down sketches, diagrams, notes using the stylus.  It comes really handy especially with OneNote.

The Surface Pro can’t be beat.  And.. it is really quiet. Smile.

With the Surface Pro, its easy to scribble notes on Office365 PowerPoint slides

I was attending a meeting today that involved using PowerPoint slides.  I have Office365 Home Premium installed on my Surface Pro and Office365 PowerPoint is backward compatible to previous versions of PowerPoint.  So, the presenter sent me his slides prior to the meeting so that each attendee could review the presentation.

While I was reviewing the slides, I found an amazing new feature that I feel needs to be shared with everyone.  With the Surface Pro and stylus I can mark up the slides directly.  I can scribble notes and questions on the slides simply by writing on the slides with the Surface Pro stylus.  I found this incredible because doing this is more natural to me then typing notes in the Notes section of a slide set.

Here are some screenshots..

Here is a snapshot of PowerPoint with a random slide that uses one of the templates..


If I move my stylus close to the application, a tab appears called “PENS”


Selecting this tab, reveals several ink/pen options..


And viola!  I can write directly on the slides!


The future is here!

I’ll keep looking for other applications that support the stylus and keep you all posted.

The Surface Pro is finally here!

The long wait is over.  Yesterday, UPS delivered my Surface Pro – a gift from my wife.  We ordered it after it became available on the Microsoft online store on February 15.  The website and the invoice mentioned that it wouldn’t ship until 3/1 so I thought I had to wait an additional 3-4 days before I would actually see it on my door step.

The Mini DisplayPort to VGA Adapter and Type Keyboard arrived about a week after I ordered it.  Microsoft sent me an email on 2/28 that the Surface Pro shipped and I received it the next day on 3/1 – exactly the date that Microsoft promised.

Here are a few photos..

All three items in their original packaging…


The TypeCover in its package…


The Type Keyboard User Manual peeking through a slide out slot…


The Mini DisplayPort to VGA Adapter


The Surface Pro in its original packaging…


Another view of the Surface Pro before I get my hands on it..


The Surface Pro User Manual and Pen…


Booting up…


My first impressions are:

  • This thing is solidly built.
  • The weight is just right for me.
  • The pen is awesome.
    Part of the fun for me is learning about how I can use this device and use it well – especially the touch and pen interface.  A lot of my work involves solving problems using a traditional calculator, paper, and pen.  I also scribble a lot of notes and draw simple diagrams.  The problem is, my paper notebooks are pilling up and is creating a big mess.  Most of the time, I save those notebooks but its really difficult to find information from it again.  Hopefully, the Surface Pro and its pen will be a better way of doing things.

Anyway, its going to be a short blog today.  I’m going to go play Winking smile.